White Stream Productions

As well as voicing and acting, Blanche is also a Filmmaker. In 2016 Blanche teamed up with BBC producer and cinematographer, Christopher Brooks to create White Stream Productions. Each of their short films is a total collaboration, from creating and directing to producing and writing. Their work has been screened around the globe, including Leicester Square Empire Cinema, as part of The British Independent Film Festival, The Portobello Film Festival and as part of FilmOneFest in New Jersey. They were recently winners at the London Short Film Festival with their film, 'The Perfect Cure', which also screened at the opening night of Chelmsford Film Festival. They recently completed and eight part mockumentary series, 'With Cressida', which you can view below. They recently received their first comedy commission for BBC Scotland, Short Stuff.

See some of their work:


Confidence with Cressida  - episode one

Kicked out of the family wealth, Cressida decides to teach Confidence seminars to make her fortune. 

Courting with Cressida - episode two

This time, Cressida is in sunny Kent, looking for love. 


Countryside with Cressida - episode three

Cressida ventures back to her country routes, in the Peak District


Christmas with Cressida - episode four

This time Cressida is in Leeds, trying to find the perfect Christmas present for Mummy.

Cressida's Christmas day speech

An alternative to the classic Queen's speech


New Year with Cressida

Cressida shares her 2019 New Year's resolutions

Cupid with Cressida

All you need to know for Valentine's Day

Brexit with Cressida

Unpack Brexit with Cressida.


SlimSavers: My Big Fat Award

It's an exciting time for Stacie as she's been nominated for Slim Adviser of the year at this years SlimSavers Awards.

Stacie's Slim Wisdom

Weight Loss Adviser, Stacie, gives us tips on how to stay slim during this COVID-19 season. 


Gut Instinct

A short light-hearted piece about food advertising.

4 min documentary

For more information about their work or to see any full versions of their films please get in touch.