Isolation + Me | with Blanche Anderson

Isolation + Me is hosted by Voiceover Artist, Blanche Anderson.


Blanche speaks to a range of interviewees to explore their personal experience during the COVID-19 outbreak.


The podcast discusses the highs and the lows and whether we can find any positives in this unusual and uncertain situation.


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Isolation + Me | With Blanche Anderson

Isolation + Me: Samantha Meisner-Lemon (Tue, 12 May 2020)
Why hello there! This week we're going international again. Down Under in fact.  I'm speaking to mother and women of many careers, Samantha Meisner-Lemon. Sam lives in Sydney and fills me in on all things COVID-19 related in Australia - from the wider politics and healthcare, to her own personal experiences. She chats about her lowlights and highlights so far and.... wait for it.... even manages to dish the dirt on me from my youthful uni days in the process. As ever, Sam is articulate, well informed and a pleasure to speak with. Hope you enjoy as much as I did.  Until next time! Stay safe!
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Isolation + Me: Maria Swisher (Wed, 15 Apr 2020)
Well, well much like Coronavirus Isolation + Me has very quickly gone global..! I interview the lovely Maria Swisher, NYC based Actor & Theatre Company Director. Maria talks to me about how things are over the water and offers some reasons to stay positive. She's an articulate gal who I could honestly listen to for hours! Check out Dirt [contained] Maria's awesome theatre company.  Stay safe!
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