Who am I?

Well that's a bit of a 'what is the meaning of life' question isn't it?!


But sticking on topic... if you've not already guessed it, my name is Blanche Anderson and I'm a Scottish Voiceover Artist, voice-over, voice-actor, narrator, talker...whatever you wanna call it... based in London town.


Oh and as a trained Actor I still act in TV commercials too!


Over the last ten years I've voiced just about everything you can think of - TV, radio, cinema, phone-lines, audio description, ADR, audio tours, animation, video-games, kids' audiobooks, lifts... anything!! Some clients have been pretty darn big like the likes of Amazon, Netflix, Facebook, Virgin Atlantic, HelloFresh, Royal Bank of Scotland, Asda, KPMG and some have been more local companies... either way EVERY client is just as important!


I've been the station voice for BBC Radio Scotland for the last few years and you'll see a lot of BBC stuff here on my website - not only do I proudly voice for their Scottish stations but also for their UK Radio, TV, BBC Sounds and iPlayer.


Oh and one more thing....


I'm AWARD WINNING too! Alright ya show off!


Anyhoo have a browse, a wee listen and just give me a shout if you need anything!


I do self-directed or live recordings from my home studio or I'm happy to venture into London town.


Over and out!

Blanche x