Well don't just take Blanche's word for it! Here's what a few of her clients have to say:


"Blanche delivers real warmth and depth with her tone that is hard to find or replicate. Whilst Blanche undoubtedly has the range to fit most productions, it’s the smile in her voice that helps make her work unique. Her enthusiasm, personality and positivity are all real reasons why I love to work with Blanche on our projects and hope to continue to do in the future."

Jamie Cole, Promo Producer, BBC Scotland 

"Blanche has a fantastic voice and is a wonderfully diverse voiceover artist. I’ve worked with Blanche on everything from national campaigns for major brands to tiny local campaigns for family run businesses – she always delivers a great sounding ad.  Speedy, professional and great with clients. Always a pleasure to work with." 

Louise Mulroy,  Producer, Global London 

“We were so overjoyed when Blanche auditioned for Wulverblade as she was the perfect fit for a number of roles in the game. We used her talents for 3 roles in total and she really brought those characters to life and took them way beyond what we ever dreamt possible. On the recording day itself Blanche was an absolute joy to work with. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Blanche to anyone in need of a great female voice artist. Thanks for all your work Blanche.”

Micheal Heald, Owner, Fully Illustrated

"Blanche is a pleasure to work with; a total professional, great with clients, with a wonderful, versatile voice."

Neil Gilmartin, Senior Creative STV

"I've worked with Blanche on a number of commercial projects and she is excellent- very professional, happy to take direction and has a really lovely tone to her voice and sounds very genuine. I'd highly recommend her as a VO artist."

Abigail McCormack, Producer at STV Creative

“I work regularly with Blanche and her dedication, reliability and enthusiasm make her a pleasure to work with. She always delivers on time and to a high standard due to her great skill and experience.”

Christopher Brooks, BBC Producer and Filmmaker

"Blanche is a joy to work with and is ray of light in every session." 

James Lyon, Commercial Producer, Red Facilities